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Madison Studios

Madison Studios

Self catering studio apartments at Exmouth Marina


If you have come into Exmouth down the A376, you must pass the station on your right, go over two roundabouts into Langerwehe Way with a rugby ground on your right again, and on into Shelly Reach and Shelly Road.


You should now be able to see the marina a little distance in front of you and you should follow the road around to the right and keep going as if you are going around an outer perimeter of the marina, and as you go round the last left hand bend, a new building, Spinnakers, will be on your right, and Madison Wharf, a lilac coloured block, is on your left.


The entrance to the car park is on the left just before Madison Wharf, and once you are in the car park follow around to the left again and a space for Studio1 is marked with number 11 on the far right of the back wall, and for Studio 2, drive straight on once into the car park, and a space marked 22 is on the right hand side near the end. You will need to get your parking permit from inside the apartment and place it in the car in view.

If you are travelling by train, you will probably have to come via Exeter. There are regular trains from the Exeter stations to Exmouth and Exmouth station is about fifteen minutes walk from Madison Wharf. The train is also an easy way to get into Exeter during your stay, and there are lovely estuary views on the way.